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Digital Security Expo 2023

July 28-30, 2023
Shanghai New International Expo Centre


With the improvement of digital technology, a new wave of digital economy is sweeping in with the core features of "new digital infrastructure, new data elements, and new online economy". The new wave of technology brings new opportunities to enterprises, which have never been so dependent on the development of data economy and Internet for that data has become the core factor of production for the development of digital economy under the rapidly changing development trend of digital information technology. 90% of the business that can achieve growth in the future will be based on digital economy.

Digital transformation has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to survive and thrive in the future, however, data transformation should be built on a solid cornerstone, that is, data security, which should go hand in hand with digital economy. Digitization cannot survive without security! In the face of increasingly serious threats of data security, it is urgent to gather resources on solving the outstanding problems in the field of data security and effectively improve data security governance capabilities. However, as digital technology having led to increasingly diverse data application scenarios and participant subjects, the outreach of data security continues to expand, and data security governance faces multiple difficult dilemmas. Digital Security Expo 2022 will once again hold a special exhibition focusing on digital and industrial security.

Digital Security Expo 2023 - It's time to show what the real technology is!

Information security determines the success of digitalization!Along with the high-quality development of digital economy with "new digital infrastructure, new data elements, new online economy" as the core features, digital security issues accelerate the extension from cyberspace to various areas of the economic society, which has been attached great importance by governments of countries all over the globe.

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Digital Security Expo for Digital Future Show 2023

From technical concept verification to scale application. Summit 1 + 3 model, a Dream Factory Industrial Logistics Network under the ecological…

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Future Now!

One is All, All are One. Innovative Digital Systems, Security & Applications! This is DFS SHOW’s vision to build a unified business platform for the intelligence, interconnection and synergy of applications for new technologies such as sensors in different scenarios, IOT, AI, cloud computing, edge computing, big data analytics, VR/AR/MR, collaborative robotics, digital twins, digital thread, additive manufacturing, machine vision and blockchain, etc.

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